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LexineGroup Highly Values renewable energy.


We've been in Solar Energy for the Past 6 Years and work alongside NABCEP Engineers that have over 25 Experience in the field. Wether you're looking to gain on it as an investment or just go green to help our environment , LexineGroup can help you. After all, Lexine does mean Defender of Man, and we take pride on our name. 


Areas where you can gain out Trust:


  • Solar PV Energy Gid-Tied 

  • Solar PV Energy Off-Grid

  • Solar PV Energy Hybrid

  • Solar PV Energy Lighting

  • Backup Generators (Natural Gas/Diesel)

  • Backup Battery Storage

Call us if you're one of the flowing: 

  • Commercial Facility

  • Industrial Facility

  • Oil & Gas

  • Government 

  • Municipal

  • Multi Family Complex


Brands We Trust:

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